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Welcome To Fabulous Crouch End T-Shirt

Welcome To Fabulous Crouch End T-Shirt

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Welcome To Fabulous Crouch End T-Shirt from Fame & Glory

Crouch End and Las Vegas have a lot in common, which explains why they were twinned back in 1987. Vegas has lots of big casinos.

Crouch End has two (yes two) Ladbrokes, as well as a Hills and a Coral. Vegas has a banging nightlife which attracts top DJs from all over the world.

Crouch End had Kiss The Sky which sometimes opened past midnight, and attracted trendy media types from all over Hornsey Vale.

Vegas has 4000 coffee shops. Crouch End has 4001, and they're all independent.

Vegas is a common setting for Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows. Crouch End was kind of in Shaun of the Dead and Peep Show.

Vegas has the spectacular fountains at the Bellagio. Crouch End has the mesmeric Thomas Huxley-Jones fountain outside the library. The list could go on - we haven't even got onto strip clubs yet!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the twinning, we have released this special Vegas inspired t-shirt that celebrates the Fabulousness of Crouch End. The design is screen printed onto a regular fit tee. 


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